IAP error E9202/6050: Product does not exist in this store


I’ve just published my game to Galaxy Store and its ready for sale. My game developed by Unity and use IAP package of Unity to implement IAP.

I tried to purchase an item then I get error “E9202/6050: Product does not exist in this store”

I don’t know why I got this error. Please give me some advices!

Thank you!!

Screenshot_20201102-165949_Jewels Deluxe|225x500


I downloaded your game from Galaxy Store (Jewels Deluxe - new jewels quest & classic match 3 free). When I try to remove Ads, I get a different error saying IAP has not been initialized. Few things to check:

  • Have you set IAP mode to production in the apk that you submitted to the store? Has IAP been initialized.
  • Please double check the item id you are using for starting a purchase.

Also, in order to improve the implementation and end user experience, we recommend to use:
Official Samsung IAP Unity plugin (https://developer.samsung.com/iap/samsung-iap-unity-plugin.html) as it supports the latest Samsung IAP 6.1
I saw the Play Protect pop up showing when trying to download your app. In this case, please submit an appeal to Google Play: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/2992033?hl=en so your app is not flagged incorrectly.

Thank you,