SIn cos functions


Dear Samsung watch user,

i am trying to create a kind of progress bar which is circular and starts from 90 and goes till 180. I also need an ellipse or rectangle to follow the course of battery percentage in the progress bar. I was able to do it for linear progress bars using match formula. I am not sure as to how we can write it using sin and cos functions. Please see the image below. suggest a formula for it. thanks

Hello, you can simply put that dot on a transparent image background and let it turn like a hand around its “hollow” centre.

Ok, if you would still prefer to use elipse shape moving down the left bottom quadrant try this example:
insert elipse 10x10. center it. it should be positioned at x=220,y=220.
insert 0-sin(3.142/2*[BATT_PER]/100)*200 in the x coordinate tag window
and cos(3.142/2*[BATT_PER]/100)*200 in the y coordinate tag window.
explanation for possible adjustments: the 3.142/2 is the angle for one quarter of circle you want it to orbit around in radians, the [BATT_PER]/100 is the current part of travel and 200 is the radius it orbits around.
it works well in my WFS, hopefully the watch eats it too.


Thanks a lot peter. This helps

This Helps Peter. Was struggling hard for days to get this done. Really. You are a charm