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Hey again!

Any way to add a sound to your face design? Like a beep or bloop that is time, date, or touch activated?

I read on the web (somewhere) that your watch had to support the sound of the watch ticking, as an example. That means that it must be available - at least in some form, via some builder app.

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You mean something like these? That would be nice :slight_smile:

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Not that complex - more of a sound-on-touch, kind of thing. Any ideas?

Sorry I have no idea how to do this with WFS. It does not support such feature. And to see it added? They say hope dies last, but I can already hear the excuse coming. “There are some poor watches with wearOS out there, that do not have speaker, we rather wont pull out the best of the best, so we dont need to explain customers that the advertised sound isnt playing because of their HW, not SW.”

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Sounds has always been a feature request from the very first Gear Watches for Tizen and Galaxy Watch and now in the Wear OS versions.

My guess is they don’t want to deal with IP infringement issues. But it is on the suggestion list.

Samsung Developer Relations

This is really valid point, they already have enough trouble with the visual checks. I would not want to open another can of worms either.