Some praise for the WFS development team

The Watch Face Studio team has tried hard to add features that have been highly requested. The last update had several new features how about a little praise for your favorites. It is good for morale to be appreciated. I can pass that on to them and their bosses !!!


  1. Common
  • Provide Version Update notice.
  • Support Dark theme for comfortable & relaxed use.
  • Support color label in Layer.
  1. Component
  • Support Mask.
  • Support Multimedia. (webp, agif, lottie)
  1. Edit & Properties
  • Improve Properties. (Bitmap font, Curved text, Progressbar)
  • Improve Animation panel. (Loop times, Frame count)
  • Support Trigger for Animation and Multimedia component.
  • Support Bitmap font management in Setting.
  • Support Image Appearance for Image.
  • Support Loop, Copy, Paste in Conditional line.
  1. Style
  • Support Grid view.
  • Support Reorder item.
  • Increase the number of each item.
  1. Etc
  • Provide editor tutorial on Watch.
  • Update Open Source license.

The Watch Face Studio Team has done a great job since the first release. Thanks to them, we were able to develop watch faces also for Wear OS without any particular technical knowledge. They are very thorough in receiving feedback and this is much appreciated. For my part, infinite thanks!

There’s just the pity that Google has done practically nothing to enhance the work that developers have done with WFS. But the people at Samsung are great, really heartfelt thanks to what the WFS development team is doing.


Absolutely, the WFS team (as well as you Ron!) deserve the praise. You’ve all done an amazing job providing us the WFS software in the first place, ensuring a relatively smooth transition from Tizen OS to Wear OS, as well as helping with issues along the way - THANK YOU!

I especially like the newly added dark mode, expanded customization options, and finally a smooth “sweeping” hand movement, huge thumbs up for that. :+1:

Random bugs are often inevitable along the way, but it actually does feel like the devs are being heard, and any issues seem to be taken care of reasonably fast. Sure it’s frustrating when an update is released and something doesn’t work like it’s supposed to right away, but to be fair, in less than 6 months we’ve seen tons of improvements, bug-fixes and new features added.
WFS team - you’re awesome, keep up the great work! :v:


I don’t want to make any big speeches. But also from me a huge praise. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who worked on and supported this great work. :+1: :bouquet:


A heartfelt thank you to the WFS development team.
No need for professional coding knowledge
WFS has been distributed so that anyone can design and produce Watchface easily.
Bugs that may appear in earlier versions
Fix with very quick response
Thanks to the WFS development team and RON.

In addition, in the developer forum, you can share your know-how without any conditions.
Thanks to the developers too :slight_smile:


Just imagine there was no WFS and the great team behind it, some of us devs may not survive hugging Android Studio and leave Wear OS. I’m grateful that this team handled the pressure of dealing with the bug reports and necessary improvements and I love them all. They made all things easier for us, much to improve but I believe every WFS version is far better than the old ones. I may contradict other devs’ opinions but I believe they did a great job with WFS much better than all GWS/GWD versions thinking that it’s just a 7-month old designer tool. I just hope they extend this improvements to GWS.

Thanks to @r.liechty_SDP for staying patient with us though he is usually fried with the upset developers in this forum. Thank you also for the concern developers who are very fast in reporting the bugs and improvements and even help other devs to jump in to Wear OS.

All in all, WFS may have been in a rough start but I believe it’s a huge success for all of us. Thank you!


Also from me a big thank you to the WFS development team and Ron. Keep it up!


I’ll join you. Thank you so much to the Watch face studio team for allowing us to continue our work for Wear OS and do what we love. Another big thank you to @r.liechty_SDP for his helpfulness and responsiveness. Thank you Ron.


Yes, from me too BIG THANKS to develop team and to you Ron


I’m joining too. Many thanks for the work done at WFS and also for the continuous support here on the forum :slight_smile:

I wish everyone who participates only the best!


Bugs are part of the business. Just communication and the way they get handled makes the difference. You are doing a great job here. Huge compliment from my side. It would be great if you could be cloned several times and then hired by other companies. Would make things so much more easy.

To get back to the initial question, which feature in the last update did I like the most?

Each feature is nice, but for me personally the mask feature is the highlight :).:+1:t2:

I am really excited to see new updates in the future. :partying_face:

Have a great day :v:t2:


In fact, I wouldn’t be here if there is no Watch Face studio or Galaxy Watch Studio programs.
They do great works making our job easier.
Please increase their salary, including Ron and Peter (if he is in the team). :slight_smile: :+1: :+1:
Huge Thanks.


And I, briefly but succinctly …


Thanks for the praise, but I am just self-taught hobbyist.
Real praise belongs to Ron and the WFS delopment team, that they listen and deliver.

Thank you for you Ron, that listen to our complaints and also huge thanks to the team for giving us great tools. Samsung has really made the tool a joy to use and learn. I think most of us have small little things here and there, but overall the effort and quality of the tool is exceptional.

Our biggest pains and frustration is dealing with Google, which is a shame. But i digress… thank you guys, keep it up!

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Thank you to the dev team, I’m fairly new here but I really love using your software and interacting with the community here. None of which would be possible without your hard work! Cheers.


Samsung and WFS team are the Best, I always think.
But, in spite of being able to run faster and farther than anyone else, it seemed they called themselve ‘Turtle’.
But now They started running fast again.
I know them very well. Once they start running, no one can follow them.
Anyone who has been to both or three markets knows how simple and user-centric Samsung is.
1.1.13 is a really quick response. This means a lot. There will be no rival for Samsung.

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Big thank you to the WFS team and Ron, for helping us developers along the way…
Your willingness to improve and fix problems is much appreciated.

Keep up the good work!

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Im full of praises for Ron and WFS Team . The new update has been really nice . Things that have been very helpful

Style add increased from 5 to 10.
Colors add increased from 10 to 30
Curved text has become much easier to do now.
Bitmapfont improvements also very nice.

Waitng for the nexr upgrade before Google playstore starts asking about Query info package permissions in June. We would be required to update all watchfaces without this permission other wise they will be deleted.

Samsung Wear OS experince has been excellent besides being botchy services provided by Google.
I learned how to make watchfaces have been using Tizen watchfacestudio previously but WFS has been simple easy and wonderful to me :slight_smile:

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The new update has already been published.