Store Badge URL Not Working on Chrome

The store badge URL doesn’t work on Chrome browser 85.0.4183.81, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. The badge URL works on Youtube App, Samsung Internet and Firefox.

share the link to test on my smartphone

Try this one,
But any store badge would do.

It seems to work for me but it just opens the store to your page.

If anyone else can duplicate this I’ll check it out with the badge team.

Samsung Developer Program

I’ve figured it out. The store badge works as link, but it doesn’t work when copy and paste URL without "https:// " . It’s how chrome handles pasted link without https://, Firefox automatically adds https:// and I guess Chrome doesn’t?

I can reproduce it.
It’s a good idea to always add https:// to each published/used link. This prevents such behaviors…

Nowadays no one types in https:// anymore, you just type in a domain name and browser will add https:// for you. Chrome does it too, but since doesn’t end with a domain such as .com and it has the / in the middle. Chrome doesn’t know what do with it. Firefox has no problem with it.

It’s unique issue to Chrome browser only, I don’t know if this is something Samsung can do on their end. But it would be great to “fix” it, because Instagram doesn’t allow URL. So if users don’t use copy and paste, then they will get the error message on Chrome.