Subtracting or adding hours from a Tag with leading zeros

A very simple question.
How can I add or subtract hours from an hour Tags with leading zeros. I mean, something like “([HOUR_0_11]+1)” but with the Tag [HOUR_0_11_Z]. On hour scale not in natural number scale. I Don’t know if I’m explaining enough…
Help will be apreciatted

Increment hour:
((([HOUR_0_23]+1)%24) < 10?"0":"")(([HOUR_0_23]+1)%24)

Decrement hour:
((([HOUR_1_24]-1) % 24) < 10?"0":"")(([HOUR_1_24]-1) % 24)

Why increment or decrement? Am I missing something?

[HOUR_0_23]+1 is the same thing as [HOUR_1_24]


[HOUR_1_24]-1 is the same thing as [HOUR_0_23]

This is not the same.
[HOUR_0_23] and [HOUR_1_24] - represent same current hour in two different ways.
([HOUR_0_23]+1) or ([HOUR_1_24]+1) - returns next hour

I am fully aware of the difference.

btw, there is no [HOUR_0_24]. I assume you meant [HOUR_1_24].

Yes, you are right. I mean [HOUR_1_24]. I copied and didn’t fix.

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss…fully functional. Works as desired. The value %24 is the “mean” key.

Thank you veryyyy MUCHHH, all of you. Thank you dens.