Watch Face Studio v1.4.13

We’d like to share some important announcements on the latest release of Watch Face Studio(WFS), v1.4.13 as below.

0. Common

  • The target API Level has been changed to API Level 30 and higher. Watch Face Studio support WearOS 3 as well as WearOS 4. You can visit Overview page(here) for this contents.

1. Deprecated Functions

  • Lottie format for multimedia has been removed.
    If an animation is desired, a supported format such as WebP or animation GIF may be used instead.
  • The features related to HR measurement including Tag expression, action and interval in Setting has been removed. (Tag expressions [HR] is still working)
    Watch Face Studio v1.4.13 supports synchronizing the measured heart rate value with the value displayed on the screen. On Wear OS watch devices running API level 33 and higher or Galaxy Watch devices for Wear OS powered by Samsung, the “Open app” feature supports opening the health application to view heart rate information on those devices.

2. Change in Version Code Policy

  • WFS users are allowed to use the version code in a specific range from 0 to 999,999.
  • WFS tool will add the prefix of a digit to the front of the version code range.
    For example, if user selects 100, the version code registered on Store will be 1,000,100.

3. Known Issue of analog hand component

  • On the device, when the watch screen turns on, it may be flashing the incorrect time shortly. The Fix on this known issue will be available soon.

You can visit Release Note(here) of Samsung Developer’s Watch Face Studio site to check the rest of the changes made in WFS v1.4.13.


Congratulations :blush: Great work :+1:

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Thank you!

Look like that there are some issues with tag [HR] even if the measurement is taken from S-Health via shortcut.

This data often is not updated on screen

Then …

From what I understand, can we no longer use the [HR] tag in expressions?

For example, stuff like this:


Will it no longer work?

From Watch Face Studio everything works perfectly (including expressions with tags [HR] ) but it doesn’t work on real device.

Device test:

Galaxy Watch 5
One UI 4.5
Wear OS 3.5
Sytem version 11

[HR] Tags work. However, after setting up the watch, you must select another watch face and return to the original one face to make a measurement. This process is quite cumbersome, but I’m glad it’s linked to Samsung Health now. I hope the improved version will come out soon.

If you try to make repeated manual measurements, “sometimes” the watch face no longer shows the updated data.

The worst part is that the [HR] tag can no longer be used in expressions.

Oh yes, integration with S-Health is big news.

It may not be the solution, but have you re-entered the tag? For other tags, I completely erased the value and tried entering a new one.

I’m noticing that expressions on [HR] tag work but the data is updated later.
Maybe there’s always something to fix on WFS.

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“Removed HR measurement including Tag expression, action and interval in Setting.”

I second you this seems to be very important issue about heart rate . Tag expressions for HR should not have been been removed. Will wait for few days before i update to new watch face studio. Plus change log doesnot tell much about how it would work in new WFS.

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From what I’ve been able to test so far, HR Tag expressions still work but are not updated in “real time”.

There is some kind of lag.

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Another thing …

“Sometimes”, during the build of the project, this message appears:


After 2/3 attempts, it is possible to successfully build the project.

3. Known Issue of analog hand component

  • On the device, when the watch screen turns on, it may be flashing the incorrect time shortly. The Fix on this known issue will be available soon.

(As an additional symptom, the hands jump when the screen is turned on.)

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As much as I love the changes, I find that the circle complication is not very ideal.

I’d like to use the the SHORT_TEXT and RANGE_TYPE together, as many has requested. But the circle shape is not ideal because it limits spaces for the textboxes. A lot of the information will go out of bounds. I have to make the area so much larger, to accomodate the space inside, and this, in turn, will also overlay on top of other complications that I’ll be putting besides it. This is a problem because the Shape Box is also the complication area that will be used to click on.
This can cause misclicks.

If the Large Box shape can also support for the SHORT_TEXT Type, OR the Small Box could support the RANGE_TYPE, it will be much more practical.
This fix will be very appreciated.

Other than the HR issues reported, I have nothing else to report for now.

Thank you for the great work.

For me, the circle shape is perfect but as you wrote, SHORT_TEXT support in the Large Box would be good :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the last update! The WFS team has done an amazing job.
I’m not sure if this is the right place for BUG reports but here are some things I observed.

  1. complication tap area is working even when complication is set to ‘None’. If we place some clickable element below complication slot, it’s impossible to click on it.

  2. target SDK is still 30? Shouldn’t it be at 33? I don’t know but our watch faces will not work on devices with API 31+ (also 33)

It appears to me that the HR is getting the information from the Mobile Health App and that does not update very regularly. I’m having other issues with the HR as well.

Samsung Developer Relations

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For me, it really isn’t. It takes too much space just the text box area to show, for the same area that a Square Small Box or Large Box would.

If I make the circle smaller, there’s a part of the TEXT data that will not be shown, since it will be out of bounds.

I am not saying to give up the Circle Shape, but,

A SHORT_TEXT support with Range Type would make things much more functional, in a Rectangular shape.

Wear OS 4 will be based on Android 13 (SDK33) so we definitely need a fix for this in WFS (change targetsdk to 33)

Yesterday I created a watchface with the new version of WFS. I insert a progress bar for steps in percent. It works … somehow. This morning I took the watch from the charging station, the percentage of the steps was still yesterday. It didn’t update. I had to change the WF, then it was zero percent.

I also do not understand the new function from the steps. You can choose your own step destination, as always or synchronize with Shealth. If I select synchronize with Shealth and I change the step in Shealth, nothing changes on the watch.

Sorry for my bad english, I’m german :sunglasses:


I updated the notice for you. :grinning: WFS support Wear OS 3 as well as Wear OS 4.