Hi everyone,

In Tizen 4.0, we can listen to the even when watch is turned over by using “GESTURE_TURN_FACE_DOWN” and this function addGestureRecognitionListener.

But my app’s sdk version target is 3.0 Is there anyway we can listen to the same event with GESTURE_TURN_FACE_DOWN in tizen 4.0?

Thanks in advance,

It should work. Have you tried it?

No, it doesn’t work at all. In the documentation they say GESTURE_TURN_FACE_DOWN is for mobile only, not wearable devices. I feel strange here. You have GESTURE_WRIST_UP works perfectly, but you don’t make an API for WRIST_DOWN, I have no idea why! WRIST_DOWN is very basic! If you don’t have WRIST_DOWN or GESTURE_TURN_FACE_DOWN, how can you know when to turn off the display of the watch? I’m lost here.

you can use following API to detect screen change:

device_add_callback(DEVICE_CALLBACK_DISPLAY_STATE, onDeviceScreenChangeCb, this);