Can I use the Stress Monitor in Tizen Web 7.0 Wearable?

In the Tizen Web API 7.0 for wearable, it is listed that the stress monitor is deprecated. I have tried downgrading to a version where it is available, but it still does not work. Is there any way that I can use it in Web or maybe a different platform?

STRESS_MONITOR are supported since Tizen 5.0 and as you said, it is deprecated since API 7.0, so Which API version you are trying to use?

I was using Tizen 7.0. I tried switching to previous versions where STRESS_MONITOR is supported, but when I debug, it stills says that it is not supported. I just checked my emulators and I noticed that when creating a new one, STRESS_MONITOR is not listed in Devices > Sensors. Could that be why?

It might be the issue of Emulator.
I think you should check this on real devices once, if you still found the problem, then report it to Samsung Developer Support.

Hi, are there any wearable devices running on Tizen 5 or higher? Apart from Samsung watches, which have been discontinued?

First of all, only Samsung watches upto Galaxy Watch 3 runs on Tizen OS. Galaxy Watch 4 and above run on Android OS.
According to the documentation, upto Galaxy watch 3, latest devices will get the Tizen API 7, i mean above 5 (depending on model)