Tizen Web App: Javascript Date is initialized with unix epoch 0 (01.01.1970) and only gets set after 32 seconds


while developing a Tizen Web App (using a HG50ET690UB as a test device) we noticed that the time know to javascript is initialized with 0. Therefore Date.now() returns the seconds since system start and not the seconds since 1970-01-01. Furthermore new Date().toLocalString() and tizen.time.toLocaleString() (and all other functions doing something similar) return something like “1/1/1970, 00:00:08 AM”. After 32 seconds the time gets reinitialized with the correct time.

Has anybody seen this behavior and knows how to mitigate it or can someone reproduce it?
I created a minimal reproducible example, in which the current time gets inserted into the DOM every second.
Time.zip (116.2 KB)

Some further details we noticed:

  • The time shown in the GUI of the TV is always correct
  • When enabling a NTP server via the Hotel Options Menu (‘Mute-1-1-9-Enter’) the time known to javascript will not get reinitialized and will therefore always be the seconds since system start.