Tizen 2.4 Smart TV gets stuck after 1 second of live streaming

【Problem phenomenon】:
On the 2016 Tizen 2.4 Smart TV, it freezes after one second of live streaming.
We use the dash.js player to play dash+playready live streaming, based on the H5 video tag.
【Problem analysis】:
The manifest index file describes the fragmentation in the form:
<S t="170955646576" d="6000" r="9" />
Among them, 170955646576 represents the timestamp of the start of the live streaming when it starts playing. From the dash.js player log, the first frame of the picture is normal, currentTime = 170955646.576, but soon we found that the currentTime was tampered with currentTime = -2147483.631, resulting in only playback a frame freezes.
We found that -2147483631 is exactly the left boundary of the “int” data type, so we suspect that Samsung set the currentTime of the underlying H5 video tag player to the “int” data type, causing the 170955646576 timestamp to overflow the “int” data type range.
If this is indeed the case, we recommend that Samsung change the data type to long (larger range) to fix the problem.

BTW: We only found this problem on Tizen 2.4 TVs in 2016, and no TVs above Tizen 2.4 have this problem after testing.


You can report this in the Smart TV Seller Office 1:1 Q/A but I don’t think they support Smart TV over 5 years old. If it is a B2B they might that now is a different seller office.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, thanks for your reply, I would like to know what is B2B?

Business to business

As Redacted said it is standard phrase for business to business and in Smart TV it is (for the most part) Hospitality TVs and Signage.

Samsung Developer Relations