To display an image on a certain date

Hi all,

I want to display an image for a certain period within a year. For example, from the 25th of Oct through to the 12th of Nov., How can I do this? What complication do I need to use? thanks.

use tag on the color %
on your image.

use the


this is show image if its in the month oct and nov.

i can only figure a quick formula for btw months. but down to date need more time.

Hi, @darylwilkes0149 first of all you have to calculate the number of days that must remain visible.
The simplest calculation is using Excel as in the example:

Data 1 Data 2 Giorni
25/10/2024 - 01/01/2024 298
12/11/2024 - 01/01/2024 316

Where you subtract the first initial date you need from January 1st in order to have the number of the day (example 25/10/2024 corresponds to 298), do the same for the second final date to have the second n. (example 12/ 11/2024 corresponds to 316).
Then select your image and in the color section, insert 0% instead of 100% and on the tag put the following formula


([DAY_IN_YEAR] >=298) * ([DAY_IN_YEAR] <=316)? 100:0

Where obviously 298 is the no. of the first useful day to be displayed and 316 is the n. of the last useful day to display. Remember that there are years that have February 29th… like this year and the formula does not take it into account.

Hi, try this simple formula.


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@Knightwing thankyou! This worked perfectly!!

this is great, thankyou, if I want it to span more than one month. IE from JAN to OCT not just JAN and OCT?

this is great, thankyou, if I want it to span more than one month. IE from JAN to OCT not just JAN and OCT?

@darylwilkes0149 Easier to compute

((([MON]>1)*([MON]<=9))?100:(((((([MON]==1)*([DAY_1_31]>=25))?1:(([MON]==10)* ([DAY_1_31]<=12))))*100)))


For jan 25 to oct 12

For this formula

([DAY_IN_YEAR] >=298) * ([DAY_IN_YEAR] <=316)? 100:0

Look at this in this way

([DAY_IN_YEAR] >=x) * ([DAY_IN_YEAR] <=y)? 100:0


Use this site

To caculate different from first jan to any date.

So example you want from jan 12 to oct 12

Caculate x = 1 jan to 12 jan how many days (11)
Caculate y = 1 jan to oct 12 how many days (316)

Therefore the correct tag is

([DAY_IN_YEAR] >=11) * ([DAY_IN_YEAR] <=316)? 100:0

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thanks. I am trying to also narrow it down to just a single day. Say 25th Dec every year, so I don’t want to use the day of the year calc as that will change every year, how to I just get it to come on the 25th of Dec every year regardless of what number day of the year that is? using the great formulas supplied I have managed to display an image over x amount of dates (if over 2 months) OR a whole month (No matter what dates I put in. So I can do certain periods if over 2 months OR a whole month. Now I just need to target a single date in the year. Thanks!

Hi, @darylwilkes0149 try using the formula

([DAY_1_31] == 5) * ( [MON]== 3)? 100:0

in the color tag (remember to put from 100 to 0) where ([DAY_1_31] == 5) is the day of the month you need and ([MON]== 3) is the month you need.

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@darylwilkes0149 to add

[DAY_1_31] == 5) * ( [MON]== 3)? 100:0

Means show image on every 5th march

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