Opacity between two dates

I am having trouble with creating a tag expression for my watch face. I want to set the opacity to 100% only between two specific dates and to 0% outside of that date range. Can someone help me with the correct tag expression to achieve this (it should include day, month and year)? Thank you in advance!

Does the range spread over from one year to another one, like from 24.dec.2023 to 6.jan.2024? Should it repeat each year?

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What I want as far as I see does not spread to another year. I am playing around and have in mind zodiac sign dates that does not require year (example Leon July 24-August 23),but also astronomical events like meteor shower on specific dates of a year, for example: lyrids meteor shower April 21-22, 2024

Sounds cool.

Try the tag [MON_DAY] as it is a decimal number
( ([MON_DAY]) > 7.74 ) * ([MON_DAY] < 8.7) ? 100 : 0
You have to do the math for percent of days in the month the day is.

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great, that works! Thanks!!!

You can also try using the day in year tag to set the start and end day conditions: