Try to stream Camera stream using YUYV preview format and it doesn't w

I am trying to run Tizen dotnet app which streams video from USB camera.
If is set PreviewPixelFormat to “Mjpeg” i can see the video rendering on the screen, but if i set PreviewPixelFormat to “Yuyv” video is not showing up.

Note 1: Camera which i am using supports both Yuyv and Mjpeg pixel preview formats.
Note 2: I need to stream in Yuyv format because i need to run face detection APIs which doesn’t support Mjpeg format.

Since no one responded, I would suggest you look for an answer in the FAQ-Q/A under the most appropriate topic on the Smart TV Seller Office site If you don’t find a solution there then sign in and open a Smart TV Seller Support Request . They can help you better there.

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