Unable to uninstall watch face after upload to device

Device is samsung watch 5. WFS version 1.3.12. I used WFS upload an example watch face one to the device by develop mode (Debug on WIFI). Everything ok. Installed successfully. But after that I cannot remove the watch face that just installed from the device. I tried to use wearable on the phone but no delete icon appear on the phone and device. How can I remove the test watch face. Thank you.

In the Wear App
Watch Facee
If you manage the favorites it only removes it from Favorites it doesn’t uninstall it
Scroll almost to the bottom
Category Downloads they are listed first installed to the last so scroll over to the very end and you can remove it from there.

The current version of Wear OS uses a system similar to Android Mobile.
Think of Favorites as what shows on the home screen
All the others are in what is called the App Tray (scroll up on a phone to see all apps installed)

Samsung Developer Relations

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Your answer is clear. I understand right now. Thank you.