Can't install the same watch face in Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Worked in Galaxy Watch 4

A customer has a new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. She already purchased and installed the watch face in Galaxy Watch 4. When she tried to install the same watch face on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the install button keeps showing “Refund” button.

Can anyone help me to explain what’s wrong here?

Hello, maybe the companion app still remain on the phone, try to uninstall that and reinstall the watch face. Or you can go to the Play Store page, more on your device section, and then choose the new watch device and tap install.

Thank you for your reply.

It has been solved. I have updated the watch face with the newest Watch Face Studio. I didn’t realise that the watch face hasn’t been updated with the last version of WFS.

When the customer reinstall the watch face it now shows “uninstall” instead of “refund”. So the watch face is installed on her Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

I asked the customer to open Galaxy Wearable app on her phone, and then tap on “Watch faces”, then scroll down to the “Downloaded” section, and tap on the watch face. It works.