Unable to upload binary - wrong profile for watch category?

I have successfully registered for a developers account and have created a watch face design to upload. When I get to the Add Binary section the binary (.tpk) is uploaded OK but then I get this message:

“The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category.”

Is this because on my account it shows: Commercial Distribution Request in Progress?

Or have I registered for the wrong type of account. I will only be designing watch faces and not other apps.

Appreciate your help.

You should see this link on the Design Review Process for full information.

If you have further questions I’d be happy to help or tell you where to get answers.

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Thanks for your reply - that makes sense. Can I suggest on the next version of the Designer instead of just rejecting the binary and saying “You do not have permission…” you add to the message - “Is this your first submission? Have you completed the Watch Face Design Review?”

That would help beginners like me who may have missed this stage.

Thanks for your help - design review submitted.

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There should have been a popup when you first tried to submit a watch face design. You may have missed it or you may have just assumed it was telling you about the review process.

I can suggest to the store that they change that wording.

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Hi Ron. I know I saw at some point the design review message but I thought it was when I was reading the tutorials. Hopefully the review will be OK and I won’t need to do it again!

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Hello, I’m new at this.
I am confused with the answer they gave.
That error means that now that I am listed “Commercial Distribution Seller” and having a face in “Review” I will not be able to upload more faces until they approve the one that is under review? and as I understood in the link that they share the next revision is in August.
Do I have to wait until August for the review to finish?

Short answer yes you will need to wait until August and only the very best will be accepted at that time. The watch face seller ecosystem has been closed. You can use the GWS beta tools for personal use.

You can still create Watch and Android apps and upload them with a seller account and selll them as commercial distribution seller.

See this page for more information.