Faild to pass Permission to register watch faces category

Hallo Guys, i do need your help.

I Tried nearly everything but now i hope you can get me there.

I designd my first watchface, got a developer account, got a license and downloaded it. Connected my watch and tested the face on my watch and built a tpk file.
Now i want to load it to the store and get to the point to upload my tpk at the binary direction and got the message ‘samsung developer you don’t have permission to register watch faces category’ what am i doing wrong?
When i close it and go back to the main site, there is my watchface with the message ‘registering’ in yellow.
Hm :confused:
Second thing , if i want to register for selling and not only for free downloads, i have to connect my paypal but if i do so after typing in my paypal data its just loading for about 10minutes and getting me to the message ‘failed because blablabla took to long to proof data’

I hope anyone knows some answers.
Sorry for my bad english ,iam from austria

Have a nice evening and thank you

Last fall they closed the Galaxy Watch Designer Eco system and require a design review before you can upload. The error message used to redirect you to the design review page. However, recently the design reviews have been suspended until August and they didn’t update the message in the Seller Portal.

The information is still available in the GWS tutorial page and you should go there for more informaiton.

I don’t know why it would time out unless it was a problem with password or username for Pay Pal. It is the most effective way to work with the store. This has nothing to do with the review process because the commercial seller account doesn’t know if you are doing Watch Face Designs or Android Apps.

If it continues contact the Seller Store Support 1:1 Equiry.

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