Universal Smart TV application development


My name is Sean, I work at a company that builds white label e-gaming solutions. We are looking to develop a native application for our clients’ end users which should allow a suite of consumer-oriented features to be deployed in betting shops.
We are currently using TVs connected to small form-factor computers to enable this functionality, however the degree of complexity involved in setting up the system requires developers to travel on-site to each location in order to configure the equipment.
We hope that by providing a native application for Samsung TVs (which are very popular in our GEO) to simplify the onboarding process for new locations and to eliminate the necessity for developer relocation for set-up and maintenance purpose.
There is a well defined set of features the application requires, I will not post it here since it’s quite lengthy but can provide details if required.
I am looking for a quick pointer as to what the process is for developing and deploying applications to Samsung Smart TVs, requirements, developer requirements, legal requirements. At the same time I am going through the Developers website trying to put together a preliminary project document.

Thank you!