URL Launcher app stuck in landscape orientation on OM46D-K device. How to fix?

Samsung Business Support have advised us to come here for support getting our OM46D-K device to display the URL Launcher app in Portrait orientation. Can anyone help?

We have the device settings set to Portrait orientation, but everything but the URL Launcher displays in Portrait, indicating that this may be an issue with the URL Launcher app, or at least that’s what Business Support appear to be saying.

They mentioned that we’d need “…to obtain access to the developer plugins.”, and directed us here.

We are very new to all this so I have no idea why they’ve sent us here but I hope someone can help.
Thank you.

Here’s an image of exactly what’s going wrong. We are struggling to believe that this is anything to do with the URL Launcher app or the URL itself. Hope someone can help here. Thank you.