Use of ONE UI icons

Hi, is it allowed to use Samsung UI icons in a watch face?

My guess would be no cannot use them but they are in the watch resource page but under a license. I’ll try to get clarification.

Samsung Developer Program

Dear Ron,

thank you for your answer, it will be nice to use Samsung icons to create a family feeling watch faces. Waiting for more information, best regards.


Hi Marcoleo,

The best answer I got was Theme sellers are not allowed to use the OneUI icons in their themes.

I checked the Samsung Watch Resources and any images with icons in them are in a format that are not layered or requires an agreement that you will not do so.

So I think the evidence is OneUI icons are not allowed.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

thank you for clarify this point, meanwhile I submitted a watchface with OneUI like icons, so it will be reyected by inspectors, I will design new icons to be in the safe side.

Thanks again,