Volume in Web app on Galaxy Watch 3 not working

Hi all,

I have web app and i use tizen.sound.setVolume.

But not working in GW3.

Working only:

tizen.sound.setVolume(‘MEDIA’, 1)
tizen.sound.setVolume(‘MEDIA’, 0)

No number in between works.

Any ideas, please ?

In Emulator Tizen 5.5 works perfectly.

Hi, I have the same issue.
On Watch3 tizen tizen.sound.setVolume(“MEDIA”, X) with 0<X<1 throws an exception:

VM18:1 Uncaught WebAPIException {code: 20, name: “AbortError”, message: “Internal error”, stack: “AbortError: Internal error↵ at NativeManager.ca…lume (:1:2520)↵ at :1:13”}
NativeManager.callSync @ VM18:1
SoundManager.setVolume @ VM27:1
(anonymous) @ VM364:1

Only tizen.sound.setVolume(“MEDIA”, 1) or tizen.sound.setVolume(“MEDIA”, 0) works
My question is: why is working fine on tizen 4.0 and not anymore on Tizen despite the documetnation ?