Wallpaper vs themes

Does anyone know where I can find stats on what sells better - say wallpapers vs themes.

I find that themes take longer to design, more thought, but obviously you can charge more. Wallpapers are quicker to design but I feel like there is way more designs out there to compete with?

I guess I’m questioning if I’m better off investing time in designing themes vs wallpapers.

That’s a good question, however there is nowhere to find out which one sells better. I actually don’t know why people buy wallpaper… with apps like Zedge, and the ability to download any image and use it as a wallpaper, why do people spend money on wallpaper? :slight_smile: And there are a LOT of sellers that just load a thousands of images from sites such as freepic anyway…


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I’ll invest my time in the themes.