What is it like to be a Theme Designer?

Hi Everyone,

I am considering applying to one of the Theme Designer portfolio review openings. I enjoy themes and think it would be a fun challenge to create a few to sharpen my UI skills.

I have a few questions about the process and what happens when you are accepted.

First off, what criteria are the designs chosen/ critiques? Will they be tested with users?

Second, are there any resources to see what kinds of themes customers are searching for in the Samsung store? Not just themes chosen, but search terms used?

Lastly, say you do get past the application process and become a theme designer. What does it look like to design Themes? Is there an expected time investment? Do you choose the subject of the themes you will design or is that chosen for you? How frequently are you expected to design new themes? What percentage of the sale price do you make as the designer? Is there any expected upkeep on themes you have already made?

I’m a full-time UX Designer and just want to make sure if I do engage with this I have the capacity to do what is expected.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Once accepted as a theme seller, which is extremely hard, you can sell anything you like as long as it’s within guidelines. A lot of people, once accepted, just download images from the Internet and use those, so there’s no real skill involved. They just want hundreds of themes…the shotgun approach :slight_smile:

When a theme is submitted to the store, it’s tested for compatibility and visibility, no user testing.

As for what sells… anything does. check the app for top selling themes.

Once accepted, how much time you invest is up to you. It can be zero to one hundred, no requirements, and any topic you like. And you never have to update if you don’t want, although if you don’t update annually for new Android versions, your themes will drop off the store eventually. Samsung keeps 30% or there abouts… on a monthly basis it depends on when they collect the money from people that purchase.