Watch 4 fall detection programmatically

Is there API for fall detection in Watch 4. If you can share sample will help

I moved this to Watch Face Studio as that is the only discussion place for GW4 development. However that is not the correct forum for this. This is a Wear OS issue
Check out this motion sensor documentation

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On your own webpage, it mentions:

With the health events detection capability, you can also recognize meaningful health events such as inactivity and low or elevated heart rate, as well as detect falls.

Please have a developer or developer support answer the question with a suggested sample. If it is not available, please remove misleading material from your documentation.

This is frustrating as I’m being told by my business stakeholders to implement fall detection event listeners. They are under the impression by your documentation that these events are available for consumption.

If that is not the case, please don’t advertise it. It wastes developer time and company resources investigate a dead end.

Just to clarify the old Samsung Health SDK for Android does not work with Wear OS Powered by Samsung devices it is for Tizen OS Devices (Gear S2 - Galaxy Watch3)
For Galaxy Watch 4 you use the Health Services Platform this is compatible with the latest GDPR and other nation’s privacy and data sharing regulations This is documented on the Android Developers site.

See this site for the Health Platform documentation

See this site for the Health Services for Wear OS documentation

There are three blog tutorials created in 2022 that should help you get started.

I hope this helps you get started.

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