Problems detecting hard falls

Hi folks!

I’m trying to develop an app to detect hard falls on a Galaxy Watch 5 following the Samsung example:

I have checked under Setting->Security and Emergency and all the hard fall detection options are enabled, but when I use the adb commands to simulate the fall I don’t get the callback call in my code.

Does anybody made it work?

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I moved this to the Samsung Health category hopefully someone will see this there. Realistically this is an Android Studio and Wear support issue and should be addressed in an Android forum but but I’m not sure where.

I’ll check back later this week to see if you get any help.

Samsung Developer Relations

As far as I know there was a small issue for fall detection. But it has been solved in GW 4/5 devices (Latest version). If you are using GW4/5, please update the device and then check. Other than this, if you are using GW6 or T OS, then you may have to wait for a little, the update should be released by November if everything is okay.
But remember, very hard fall impact and 30 second no moving is required here.
So it is recommended always to use Synthetic provider for testing purposes.


Hi, I’ve been running some test today with the clock and I think that the problem is inside the Synthetic provider.

First of all I have executed the following command:
adb shell am broadcast -a “whs.USE_SYNTHETIC_PROVIDERS”

Then, I just sent this command:
adb shell am broadcast -a “whs.synthetic.user.START_EXERCISE” --ei exercise_options_heart_rate 90 --ef exercise_options_average_speed 1.2 --ez exercise_options_use_location true

Which is supossed to simulate that I am walking and my heart rate should be 90, but if I check the heart rate of the Samsung Watch main screen, it shows no heart reate.

Also, I have checked the Logcat and I don’t have seen any log from the package, but It is installed in my device.

Any way to check if the Synthetic provider is working fine in my device?

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The link you have shared earlier describes how to use synthetic providers.
Moreover, Synthetic provider is developed by Google. So I think you need to report this to Google.
Check with Google Issue Tracker.