Watch 5 40 mm

Does WFS support the GW5 40 mm? I think it is 396 pixels square. 450 pixels seems to be the default and cannot be changed on my ver 1.2.7 of WFS?

Can time of next alarm time be set as a complication? The watch face, “Info Block”, I am using has it.

Galaxy Watch5 is 450 x 450 sphere.

I think you see the 396 in the Seller Portal for Watch 4/5 in China. That is an error on the portal and not relevant.

I think OPPO has a rectangle watch, I"m not sure what the size is.

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Thanks for your response. Here are the specs from the Samsung site.


The 40mm is the Small, 396.396, same dpi, and it is round.

I don’t know if these specs are in error or if the display is actually 450x450 and only cut off to fit in the smaller package. I have not done any experimenting. but I would expect WFS would supply a 396x396 option.

I am actually more concerned with the Alarm Clock next set time complication. I don’t see this available in WFS, but the watch face I use has it. It must be available.


That’s right, 40 mm Watch model has small display and WFS only supports 450x450 resolution. But don’t worry about it. The watch face made by WFS works on any display size.
If you want to produce a watch face that is more optimized for 40mm watch device, you can use the original image of 396x396 size and resize it to 450x450 canvas size in the WFS.

The watch face pre-loaded on the Galaxy Watch has more functions than the downloaded watch face, but in the case of alarm complication, it seems to be available on the downloaded watch face. There are limited types of apps that can be selected as default providers in WFS, but users can select more diverse apps after installation.

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Thanks. I guess it is time to just bite-the-bullet and see what I get. I am just interested in a watch face for myself - I don’t plan on doing anything public.

I apologize thanks for not listening to me. When I was buying my Watch5 Pro I only looked at the 44 mm comparison.

With WFS you can create text box or button image and set it as a button in the settings
Action → Tap → Open App → Alarm
It works for Samsung Galaxy Watch

You can use a Short Text or a Long Text Complication and after it is installed you can change that to Alarm Clock. It is not a default option.

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