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Dark UI or Custom WFS Theme. All pure white UI BG is overpowering content colors and causing eye strain.


Batch add images. Currently, same as in GWD, we can add only one image at a time. Adding lets say 20 images as a tap to change images is time consuming. It would help if we just tagged all 20 images in the explorer and they were added at once.

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A tag that for the what is the first day of the week 0 if Sunday 1 if Monday

the ability to move objects/images horizontally and vertically while holding the shift key.

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Styles limit is too low allow more than 5 styles

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Increase image size limit
When loading an image, images larger than 1350 pixels in size are reduced to 1350 pixels unconditionally.
I loaded an image of 1875 x 55 px, but in WFS it is scaled down to 1350 x 40 px. Sizes smaller than 1350 pixels are loaded normally.

Inverse progress bar. This is a must for every designer who wants progress bars to have different colors (gradient layer under progress bar). Simply put, the background will work as the foreground and the foreground as the background.

reverse fill option for progress bar. I tried creating a reverse fill by setting min value as -100 and max value as 0. On WFS it’s showing correctly but on the device it’s not working. Reverse fill option would be very helpful.

Change the rotation direction for the second hand when sweep is selected

Add Sweep to all rotation selections

The ability to add Sound

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Weather Functionality


If Samsung Health Tag so Samsung Health features could be added to Smart Watches that had Samsung Health

  • Auto Generate AOD
  • Ability to import .PSD (Photoshop Layers) Images.
  • Move the timeline / conditions view to bottom like GWS.
  • Show option to change all Health/Weather view (When available) sliders like GWS.
  • Chronograph support.
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I added them to my list one commens,

  • Show option to change all Health/Weather view (When available) sliders like GWS.

I asked for an If [Samsung_Health] Tag so Samsung Health features could be added to Smart Watches that had Samsung Health


Add Sweep to all image selections !!!
All images, not just rotation selection.
Please forward it to the development team for an update.
Thank you.


My input so far…

Double Tap for Actions
Tag to display Day-of Week as two characters e.g. Su, Mo, Tu
Increase range of steps count in Run window. Max is currently only 10000
In GWS there was an ability to directly change the lightness of an image which was helpful. I haven’t see this in WFS.
Ability to specify “Left-Pads” as in GWS to add leading zeroes to numerical values.


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If it’s not possible to add some health data in text fields, like calories or moved distance, will be greatfull if we could add math expressions in text fields like we do in tags.

For example we could add “moved distance” to our watchfaces simply adding a math expression like this [SC]/1312: and returns a numeric value not the expression itself.

The posibility of adding leading zeroes or limitate decimals to texts like we did in gwd will be greatfull too.

Please let me put a zero in the front seat of the fitness information.
For example, if it’s 543 steps, I wish it could be marked as 00543 steps.