Web Content Provider

If you enter our advertising link on Samsung Internet in the address window, there is a phenomenon that we do not direct it to the app, so I am inquiring.

  • In connection with this, we confirmed that there is a guide that can direct Samsung Internet’s web content provider to the app, but after contacting Samsung members, we received an answer that it does not support it.
  • Also, there is no answer to the e-mail in the guide document.
  • The advertising platform company reported an error on Samsung Internet as shown in the image below. (Attach related content image)

  1. How can a user move an advertising link from Samsung Internet to the app when entering it?
  2. Is the web content provider of Samsung Internet currently not supported?

Hello @eoeo28 ,

You can try reaching out to Samsung Developer Support. They might be able to better help you out with your issue.