Web Service is not working on Samsung Smart Signage Platform


I have tried to use Web Service inside SSSP6, but it is not working.
I’ve already config config.xml

<!-- Web Service -->
    <tizen:feature name="http://tizen.org/feature/web.service"/>
    <tizen:service id="id.Service" type="ui">
        <tizen:content src="dist/service/index.js"/>

in the index.html

<script type="module">
      const pkg_id = tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().appInfo.packageId;
      const service_id = pkg_id + ".Service";
      console.log('service id = ', service_id);
      const my_service = new Service(service_id);

      my_service.start().then(function() {
            console.log("Succeeded to start service");
            // alert("Succeeded to start service");
        }, function(error) {
            console.log("Failed to start service: " + error);
            // alert("Failed to start service: " + error);

I also have tried only console.log inside <script type="module but it is not executed, I’ve checked chrome version with caniuse, it seems script type module is not supported in Chrome 53 (SSSP6).

So I do try to require it manually from js which will be transpiled later by


But still have found that wrt:service is not defined or found.

Where can I get wrt:service install as my npm module? or make it work?