WebAudioAPI:AnalyserNode.getByteFrequencyData returns duplicate frames


Calling AnalyserNode.getFloatFrequencyData or AnalyserNode.getByteFrequencyData in a loop using requestAnimationFrame results in a lot of duplicate data or “frames”, since I’m using it to create a visualization of an audio file’s frequencies.
The same works smoothly on Chrome/Chromium based browsers on Android and PC.
Here’s a PoC I made, it shows the number of unique and duplicate frames:
Code: GitHub - sickl8/samsungInternetPoC
Demo on vercel: https://si-analysernode-dupe-poc.vercel.app/
Here’s a another website that also shows the issue: Visualizer | Web Audio API

Tested on:
Phone: Galaxy S21 5G
OS: Android 13
Browser version:


Hello, sickl8.
Which software version (About phone > Software Information > Build number) of S21 5G are you on currently? Is it updated to the latest software version?

The build number is: TP1A.220624.014.G991BXXS9EWJO
I believe it is, I always have internet access and install updates as soon as they come.