WebXR critical blocker: Exiting WebXR AR session leaves browser window blank, unable to render any content

When exiting from a WebXR AR session, the originating page is prevented from rendering anything. It’s completely blank and does not show any content. Refreshing does not display the page. Even entering a new URL in the address bar does not render any content of the new page. If app is closed and reopened, content is once again displayed.

This is in both light and dark modes.

This issue is similar to, but not a duplicate of:

Observed on
Samsung Internet on Pixel 4 XL Android 12, on multiple WebXR sites.

Repro steps:

  • Using Samsung Internet, go to:
  • Barebones AR
  • Start an AR session.
  • Exit the AR session.
  • Observe that the originating page is no longer rendered.
  • Try reloading.
  • Try entering a new URL.
  • Page fails to render.
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@Nuke - might this be of interest too? Thanks.

Also, I’m pretty certain this only just appeared in the latest release.

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@milesgreen Thank you very much for reporting this issue. We have been able to reproduce the problem and intent to resolve it in future software updates.

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@Laszlo - Awesome! Thanks for looking at it.

Please also see:

Not sure exactly when this was fixed, but retesting in Samsung Internet and I’m no longer seeing the blank screen issue described above. Fix is good. Thanks!

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Glad to know that!

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