WFS - Pixel Watch - Flickering Complication Icons / Text - Issue

Hello, watch faces built with WFS have some strange issue on Pixel Watch, but also on Galaxy Watch4.

Pixel Watch uses immediate or maybe 1-sec complication update interval for things like Heart Rate or Steps (continuous heart rate). (I don’t know why steps complication needs to be updated every second when there is no movement)

When the complication is refreshed very often and same data is present between complication updates, complication elements are flickering (blinking)… This happen in these scenarios:
Steps complication → 1500 steps → complication update - new steps value = 1500 → flickering
Heart Rate → 85 BPM → complication update - new HR value 85 BPM → flickering

Flickering does not happen when the values changes, for example:
Heart Rate → 85 BPM → complication update - new HR value 90 BPM → all OK
Same with steps.

What is interesting that stock Pixel Watch faces does not have this issue.

@sinjae, can someone from WFS team take a look on this? I believe this behavior can be easily fixed as we do not need to re-draw complication when there is no change between complication updates. I’ll try to find more info about this.

I’m adding two videos, one from Pixel Watch, other from Galaxy Watch 4, on both videos there are complication which are refreshed every second. Notice that complication value change is not causing flickering. Flickering only happens when complication is updated with the same data (values)

Hello, @amoledwatchfaces
It is interesting. I will take a look and get back to you.

Thank you

Thanks for your help. If you need to test something, I can help.

I’m also adding another video from different user.

This issue is not only Pixel Watch. On Galaxy watch 5 Pro is same too

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It’s definitely something with WFS created watch faces. Stock watch faces on both devices do not have flickering issue. Can you check it on some stock watch face on Galaxy Watch 5?

On stock watchfaces everything is OK. Without flickering issue

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Flickering happens on Galaxy Watch 4 but with Time Complication icon.

Basically, Watch face re-draws full complication and while it is redrawing, elements disappear and then appear immediately. This shouldn’t be happening.

First I thought that it happens only when complication provider data between updates are identical but it doesn’t matter. When there are frequent complication updates, there is flickering.