What happened to all the posts in old dev forum?

I’ve bookmarked many posts from the old forum, the links no longer work. Where can I find them?


Hi there,

The old forums are no longer online as we could not keep that server operating as it was. Our team discussed ways to migrate content, but in the end, we realized that we couldn’t bring over all the content and comments without a great deal of work. Our team identified the important topics on the old forums and reproduced parts of those conversations here. I do apologize for this inconvenience, as I understand the value of those discussions in their original context.

If there is a topic from those old forums that you’d like to have discussed again, we’d love to restart those conversations here. The developer support manager and our community leader have years of experience with our platforms, tools, and SDKs, so they should be able to get to the bottom of any questions that arise.


Sr. Technical Program Manager
Samsung Developers

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The old forum has a tone of valuable users’ inputs and tips. I wish you guys gave us a heads-up about this, so we could have copied and pasted the old posts into our own notes.

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