Shutting down the old Samsung Developer Program site

Hello everyone.

If you’ve been selling Galaxy Themes and watch faces for a few years, you may have had an account on the old Samsung Developer Program (SDP) website. In January 2020, we moved nearly all the content and services from the SDP site to the new Samsung Developers portal.

We’ve recently completed the migration of the final services from the SDP site and we’re starting the process to shut it down. If you have previously requested banner promotions for Galaxy Store, the information about that process can be found here. If you use the Galaxy Store badge in your app, theme, or watch face promotions, then you can learn more about that process here.

If you have questions about the new processes to request promotions or badges, feel free to respond here. @r.liechty_SDP or I will be happy to answer.

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What will happen with the old Galaxy Store Badge URLs generated in the old SDP? Will still be active or will be transferred to the Seller Portal?
I tried to request a list of badges, but I got an Internal Server Error popup.

Thank you


The badges are operated on a different backend from the old portal, so they’re still preserved. The internal server errors shouldn’t be happening, but we will definitely check it out. Can you please send an email to so that we can work with you in private? I’ll get it routed to the Badge development team.


Hi Cris. Congratulations, you found a corner case on the forms software that powers that page. We’ve fixed it now and you should be able to submit the form successfully.

Apologies for the problem, but thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Yes, it works now. Thank you very much!