Where can I design watch parts?

Where can I design watch parts?parts such as watch hands

You would use a design tool there are many out there at all different prices. Paint is not good enough but you don’t need the full fledge Photoshop.

In WFS 1.4.20 you add component watch hand Hour minute or second and it opens the sample folder but you can browse to where you have your design to add it. In the latest Beta 1.6.9 you add component then More and the Hour hand opens to the sample folder again you can browse to others but you will need to change the hand sync with setting from hour in day to minute in hour, and so on for the non hour watch hands.

hope this helps

Samsung Developer Relations

You can use various programs, for example free gimp or inkscape, or if you happen to have MS office on your PC the powerpoint is also good enough to make decent components.