Exploring Watch Face Backgrounds: Seeking Advice and Tips 🌟

Hey everyone! :blush:
I’m curious about how to design the background for a watch face. Are there any tuturials? I’ve got some example images to help explain.

Any tips or guidance would be awesome! Thanks a bunch!

Use tools like photoshop make a transparent square canvas. 450 x 450. Then make a circle shape that fit the canvas… from there design a background…

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Thanks, @Knightwing! Your approach using a transparent square canvas and a circle shape in Photoshop is a great idea for creating a watch face background. I’ll consider that in my design process.
However my main question was about the third step you mentioned. Designing it.
and what about other tools like illustrator?


Yes you can use any design tool it doesn’t have to be Photoshop, I know people that use illustrator or GIMP even one that used the PowerPoint design tools :slight_smile: Here is a list of free open source designer tools

You can use Microsoft Paint but it may not look as well on your watch nor as powerful as a designer tool.

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I would suggest to check videos on youtube about making watchfaces, be it a gimp tutorial like this:

or that just document the proces. For example these time lapses:


Be creative, be inspired by other backgrounds first know what u looking for or what u want. If cannot replicated then go search for ways too. Or ask her…

E.g u decided u want a date glass effect like watches with date window (circle rotating date disc)…u can ask here.

Or u want something like digital watches? Many ways to do it.

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