Where to find App ID for watch face buttons?

Hi all.

I want to add a button to my Watch Face in Galaxy Watch Studio which will open up the MapMyRun app. I need to know the App ID for MapMyRun. Is there a list somewhere that shows the App ID’s or is there another way to get the information?

Thank you!

This is not a good idea you should use app chooser to select the app since you can’t be sure that Map My Run will always be available for all users.

But you can find the app ID

Open Galaxy Store App on your phone
upper right hand corner tap on 3 dots (note if you have updates you will see a number over the dots)
tap on My Page
tap on All
find the app you want to open and tap on it
tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner
select Share
send it to yourself in email
it will send the app ID

I think you can do this with any app in the store just share it.

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I see your point.
Regardless, thank you so much for showing me how to get the app ID!


Hi Paul,

I should have mentioned that App chooser does have a drawback too. That is you have to educate the user how to use it.
For Map My Run you can add a note in your content description saying it is required and pug a deeplink to its page.

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