White Screen WFS

I got this white screen when opening WFS for the first time in the first day of the year. :slight_smile: Does anyone know how to fix this? here is the log file:

[1.3.8][1/1/20239:17:47 AM][checkFirstLaunchAfterInstall(index.js:133)] First execution after installation
[1.3.8][1/1/20239:19:23 AM][n.send(browser_init:165)] Error sending from webFrameMain: Error: Render frame was disposed before WebFrameMain could be accessed
at n.send (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:165:417)
at b.send (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:161:2494)
at BrowserWindow. (C:\Program Files\WatchFaceStudio\resources\app.asar\build\src\main\listener\appCloseListener.js:61:32)
at BrowserWindow.emit (node:events:526:28)
[1.3.8][1/1/20239:19:46 AM][checkFirstLaunchAfterInstall(index.js:141)] Not first execution after installation
[1.3.8][1/1/20239:21:14 AM][checkFirstLaunchAfterInstall(index.js:141)] Not first execution after installation

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Same problem here, did they lock it or something?

And yeah, I did reinstall the WFS as well as Java 64-bit offline installer, but none of it work

Edit: Huh?

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I didn’t see the Osman’s post. Please delete this post @r.liechty_SDP @sinjae I will join Osman’s post.

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Hi, I have also the same problem. I did the same steps described and the problem still exists.

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Hi all,
I also have this problem and went through all the uninstalls, reinstalls, different PCs before I found this. Thanks for the (hopefully) temporary solution to reset the date.
I just wanted to add that I have this issue.

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Our WFS development team is aware of this issue. They are preparing a new version to resolve this issue. Hopefully the fix will be released within this week.

To know the temporary solution and update about this issue, please read Watch Face Studio Issue after 2023 post.

Your patience and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Jakia. Thanks for the quick response. We appreciate it.

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