Why is it so hard to turn on and off LTE? Webby isn't there a shortcut like there is for data?

I only ever use the cellular connection on my watch when I am at the gym or out running, mostly because it drains the battery so fast but it’s very annoying to have to into settings->connections->mobile networks->always on->yes turn it on every time and then repeat when I need to head home. Why cant this be a shortcut?

I know people have returned their units due to bad battery drain but I’m out of the warranty period so that’s not an option. Leaving it on auto on/off is not an option either because it eats battery in work due to the drop in wifi/cell signal in certain parts of the building.

I just need a shortcut to quickly turn it on and off, anyone know of anyway to do it?

Hello William,
I hope a user here knows of a shortcut but I didn’t know of one and a brief search of the Watch Store doesn’t show anything.

However, this is not the correct forum for end product discussion. I would recommend you post using the Samsung Members App or at Samsung support select Contact US and then the Social tab Join the Conversation. You might find better solutions there.

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

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