3 day weather forecast on watch face

In a nutshell, what I am trying to do is have the next 3 days from the current day show as days of the week.

For example, today is Wednesday and at the bottom, I want to have a weather type and temperature for the next 3 days with dynamic headings. So the forecast headers would show Thur, Fri, Sat and the next day would show Fri, Sat, Sun and so on as the week goes by.

I’ve tried everything I can think of in the ICU Format area and nothing works. Maybe I’m in the wrong place trying to do this but I would be so grateful if someone could point me in the right direction!

Thank You!

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You can do that in multiple ways.

  • insert 7 different text strings like mo tu we, tu we th, … Make each visible only on matching day, by putting expression into opacity field. For Sunday it will be like 100*([e]==1), for Monday 100*([e]==2)…
  • you could also insert just one text field or image with text like su mo tu we th fr sa su mo, and let it shift number of pixels equal the length of your day description plus one gap each day using expression for x coordinate. For example if the length is 60pixels, it would look like (1-[e])*60. This play with numbers could be tedious to find the exact shift length for desired font size and monospaced font could be of advantage.
  • by using bitmap font. Prepare 7 images with 7 different text strings like mo tu we, tu we th, … Insert digital clock and set ICU as e or c. In the bitmap font settings asign one of the images to each digit from 1 to 7. For default language English No 1 is Sunday. In some other languages it may be Monday. (These images have to be in final size as should be displayed on watchface. Every later adjustments need to be prepared outside GWD and reinserted as new images.)
    If there are some more efficient ways, I will gladly learn
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Thank you for all the help but I’m still confused a little. I don’t want the days to match the current day. I need to be able to have the main day and date at the top say “Wednesday” and then in the forecast at the bottom it knows today is Wednesday so it is going to have Thur, Friday, Saturday as headings on the forecast. I guess I’m not seeing how the 3 days at the bottom increment one day out from each other. Sorry if I am missing the obvious but still confused.


That is easy. Lets say today is Wednesday, it shines above your watchface and in the forecast field in the bottom you assign image or text field with text string Th Fr Sa to it (Text or image Th Fr Sa will have expression 100*([e]==4) in opacity field). In the one text row approach, you can shift it as many days as you want too, the row can start with monday or with tuesday or what you need. With bitmap and ICU e or c the digit today on Wednesday is 4. So you pick the picture (from those 7 prepared) that starts with Thursday and assign it to digit 4.

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I think I see what you are saying. I think I explained what I’m trying to do horribly wrong. I’ll try to show you


3 day forecast
Thursday Friday Saturday
Weather Weather Weather

I need to be able to get today (Wednesday) and be able to increment days by 1 (Thursday), 2(Friday) and 3(Saturday). If it is in your explanation already I apologize but I think my horrible explanation led to you believe I would have 7 days to cycle through on the bottom forecast instead of just the next 3 days.

You can use a mask that matches your background that allows 3 days to show
have a an image that says
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Shift that image placement based on the Day of the week tag.

You can have 7 overlapping images that have 3 days on them , Sunday Monday Tuesday, Monday Tuesday Wednesday, and so on and using the day of the week tag set their opacity to only show on the proper day.

You can also create 3 clocks with Day of the week and bit map each day so 1 shows as Monday on one clock 1 shows as Tuesday on the next clock and 1 shows as Wednesday on the third clock

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Thank You! I like the second suggestion. I’ll give that one a try.

Thanks so much for all of your help and insight!


The last option in Ron’s answer is the simplest and the easiest and that’s what I use .
I will try to state it a little more clearly
First clock starting on Monday but it would be in the 1 position which would normally be Sunday, and then complete the clock positions
Second clock starting on Tuesday complete the seven positions
and the third one in the same way starting with wednesday

Gotcha. I think I’ll stick with the second one…lol. Just trying to compare this environment to the Facer environment to develop watch faces. I really like this and it will be a nice hobby with my fishing and guitar playing to relax and learn. Thanks so much to everyone for all the help starting out. I’m going to build the ultimate weather fishing watch in each environment and see which one I like best.

I should have mentioned you can use 7 text boxes too if you want a consistent font for all your text.

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I think I will do the text boxes to keep it simple looking and uniform.


I know it’s been several months, but just tried this, using Peter’s first option 100*([e])==1 etc. It works for the days incrementing. However, if as I do, want to place a weather icon above each date, what’s the best way to do this? Selecting the text option only seems to allow you to add one weather icon!

Edit: opened another watchface and been able to achieve what was needed. Not used any health icons from ‘text’, so unsure why weather icons would be greyed out!