Weather Icon Issues


So I’m creating a weather face, with today’s day and then the next 3 days forecasts. Each day will have the weather icon, the forecast temp and the date. As per a previous thread, I have created a strip of the days and imported that as an image. One for the ‘single’ current day and another that shows just the next 3 days. This uses the formula (1-[e])*60. The days work when I have JUST the days, however, as soon as I add the weather icon or temp, then it changes the days, to be incorrect and frozen (not moving to a new set of days once midnight occurs!

I’m confused as to why the addition of these weather icons inhibits the scrolling of the days!

Appreciate any assistance.



You can’t use Tags with Weather at this time.

To show the day with weather you will need to use a digital clock and bitmap fonts that remap the days so that Mon appears as Tue etc. or 12 as 13.

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Hi Ron
Any hope on using tag expressions in weather watch faces in the near future ie. in the next update

Don’t know what will be in upcoming release. I think this all depends on when Health and Weather are compatible.

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