Galaxy watch binary unable to be uploaded

I am creating a watch face to be uploaded to the Samsung store. In the ‘add binary’ section I am unable to upload the app file. I have uploaded the .TPK file of my watch face and am given the error message “The binary title is invalid. Special characters and spaces except underscores ( _ ) and hyphens ( - ) cannot be used in a binary title.” the name of my file does not contain underscores or hyphen. What can I do to fix this?

The hyperlink [App Binary Registration] on the upload page takes me to a blank website with the URL about:blank#blocked so I am unable to find information there.

Hi Jake22,
it sais you cannot have special characters and spaces in the file name. You can use _ and -.
Some examples here
not allowde: Jakes watch face.tpk
allowed: Jakes_watch_face.tpk
allowed: Jakes-watch-face.tpk

And if still having problems, post the name of the binary you are trying to upload so we can see… There’s nothing proprietary or secret about the actual name, it’s not related to anything you’ve done in GWS, call it Fred if you want :slight_smile: .

Are you a new watch face designer, if so you need to be approved before you can upload to the store. See this page on Watch Face Design Review

If that isn’t it then it is as Lucy said, probably a space in the name.

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