About androidx.core.uwb

Hello, I am an Android developer who uses Samsung smartphones.
My interest is to use a smartphone (with UWB chips) as a tag to position it based on TWR.
The device I’m currently using is a Galaxy S21+ terminal, and I recently heard about the release of Androidx.core.uwb:uwb:1.0.0-alpha01 through https://developer.android.com.

I’d like to confirm a few things related to this.

  1. Is the device I am using (Galaxy S21+) included in the partner device assuming the controller profile referred to in Android?
    If included, are UWB-based Ranging levels implemented through the current controller profile and open to third-party developers?

  2. After the alpha version that provides UwbManager/UwbClientSessionScope,
    When will the additional source code for Ranging be released, such as the UWB library of Google Android sources?

  3. Will Samsung adopt the UWB library provided by Google as it is?
    If not, when will Samsung’s own library be developed and available for third-party use?

  4. If the Ranging function of Samsung smartphone can be implemented with UWB alpha version,
    Please let me know whether Samsung smartphone-NXP equipment is compatible and if possible, whether Google Pixel phone-NXP equipment is compatible.

Hello, I think you should submit a support request here