About SAP(samsung accessory protocol)

Hello I have a question about SAP.

Normally, you can see that SAP communicates with each other via Android and Tizen.

I was wondering if it is possible to communicate between Android and Android using SAP?

In other words, is it possible to communicate using SAP in the Android version of navigation but it is not Samsung’s product and Samsung android smartphone, when Bluetooth is connected?

Samsung Accessory Protocol is for connecting android with tizen. It doesn’t matter which android phone (Samsung/others) you are using , but the other side must be tizen as far as I know.
Thank you.

Yes, SAP is used to connect Android phone and Tizen smartwatch. SAP was not even available for Tizen mobile.

Use Bluetooth SPP to change data between two phones or any Bluetooth devices. It is easy to implement on Android phone.

To speed up development you can use 3rd party wrapper like this spp lib