Companion app with SAP or Tizen bluetooth API

What I have in mind is a suite of apps that run interconnected on a Tizen based watch, an Android based Samsung phone and a computer (Linux). When I say interconnected I mean they are going to interchange information like health or fitness data in any direction through BLE or something better. Also, I want the information to be updated periodically, for any existing connection (watch to phone or watch to computer or vice-versa). So, the watch or the mobile app will be both provider and consumer.

On the watch I want an application and a widget so I though maybe I could have a service app in the middle, which could also make sure of updating the mobile or desktop version. Basically my projects would be

  • android app
  • tizen app
  • tizen service
  • tizen widget
  • desktop app

Initially I looked into the bluetooth API of Tizen but then I found out the Samsung Accessory Protocol. My question, can this API work with a background service and does it take care of the lower level bluetooth connection stuff or is it better to stay with the Tizen APIs? Is this a good approach? Thanks

Can you please share your API version?
Because as far as I know currently SAP is not available for Tizen 6.0.
However, you can use SAP in background also.


Hi. I am working with Tizen 5.5 at the moment