When to use Samsung Accessory Protocol(SAP) API in Android applications


I have one application in Android device. This application will post the notifications based on reminders.
I am trying to extend my app to show notification on Galaxy Werables(watches) also.

I connected my Android device with Galaxy Watch using Gear Wearable app which is present in Android device.

There is option to select the apps to post notifications on Galaxy watches. Even my application notifications also showing on Galaxy Watches.

But i read in documentation that Android app need to use Samsung Accessory protocol(SAP) to post notifications and data to Galaxy Watches.

When do we really need SAP protocol implementation in Android applications?

I talked to our Tizen Expert and he said…
You can use it to implement notifications, but it’s not the only way to do notifications as this developer noted.

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In What are the scenarios we need to ise Samsung Accessory Protocol(SAP) in Android applications

Data exchange is the big use case.

Without SAP if you had data you need to retrieve from a watch to a mobile device, you’d need to write it to a web server and then pull it down from the web server to the Android application. SAP simplifies things by allowing data to transfer from the watch to the phone without extra steps.

So if you are creating a workout application on the wearable and you want to visualize the workout on a phone, you send all of the data associated with the workout from the watch over the phone where it can be visualized.

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