Accessibility service

Samsung browser is not giving the webview information through accessibility service

Hello @sum1592973057,

Can you please share additional details about what your app is trying to do? Perhaps error message or screenshots about your query.


I don’t know if your problem has already been resolved, because you haven’t shared the error screen yet.

Anyway I will leave here possible solutions in case this access error occurs again.

1 - Restart your cell phone
Sometimes all you have to do is restart your phone, try to turn the device on and off and test the app again.

2 - Clean the data and force the interruption,
Restore data and settings

3 - See if an Update is available

4 - Uninstall and reinstall. If after testing the above solutions the problem still does not work properly, reinstall

There, you are already equipped for the next occurrences

Always be well

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Hi Samsung

Thanks for your reply actually I am try to auto fill the edit text through the accessibility service its working fine in other browser but in Samsun browser I am not getting webview related node so I am stuck and not able to auto fill