Corrupted Accessibilty Service Settings


We’ve seen some odd behaviour due to corrupted settings on an S9 with May 2020 security patch.

Our service was being recreated and restarted whenever there was a user-present event (screen unlock). This only happened for the specific applicationId, changing the applicationId and nothing else and the service was not recreated & restarted.

Also, in logcat the following error appeared for a previously installed service
“unbound from accessibility service because it is not installed”

Going into Settings / About phone / Reset / Reset accessibility settings fixed both of these.

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. I don’t believe this is the correct forum for your bug report.

Generally the best way to report issues from an OS update is to the service provider or as an Android bug. We don’t have a path to report these types of bugs via Samsung app developer support and I don’t have much hopes of it being fixed on an older Android version.

I know this is somewhat a developer question but it does seem off topic and I’ll probably remove it unless there is further interes…

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