Account Failed


I had Smartthings setup when I was living in another country. Now that I have relocated again, the Samsung support said the devices available in the listing was locked to the region I registered the account with. And that it cannot be changed, even from the backend. This is so stupid and insulting.

Anyway, they asked me to delete that account and sign up again using the same address. I did, at the expense of adding again all my devices to the Smartthings account. But now it says my login to Samsung Developers failed since I recently deleted.

It has been a week. What gives?

I think someone gave you bad information. I believe you could have just created a new account with a different email address and added your devices there.

You can sign into Samsung Developers Program with your new account name. If there is any history in the forum you want we can merge that into your new account name.

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Samsung Developer Relations